My New Pad

It’s been some time coming, and I have decided to make the move. Actually I have already started posting at a new home: so far a welcome to the new year and January 3 gets a special nod as this day in 1959 the territory of Alaska, six months following an overwhelming vote in favor of statehood, gets the official signature.

For now previous material shall remain live and I welcome you to my new abode that you can access with just a click.

There also are a few posts at the group blog, The Review, not having made the journey to before the second sleep, that shall do before too long at the new nocturnal meeting place. I’ve been working on series exploring big cats, Alaska history including a 1916 Christmas album I’ve compiled, and have more outlines making their way from my notes to the research and then keyboard. I’ll also be returning to book reviews and have several great novels queued up as I type. One of them is the re-visitation to an author and the characters she brings to life from a seminal period in English history. Neither will you want to miss as I meet up again with Merlin, a companion from childhood. And for your historical bent, a work of fiction based on events in the life of someone related to the author.

And that’s not all! At before the second sleep as well as The Review, we are consciously and continually expanding our scope to include genres and topics of a wide variety to showcase creativity in many forms. Having made my own move this will be much easier and allow me to journey more into this realm.

So join me for some more middle of the night musings and check out the great team and amazing array of talent and exploration at The Review, where we also have lots of giveaways and a fun Facebook page where, amongst others, you can meet up with lots of great indie and traditional authors and fellow bibliophiles with interests of all kinds. You can also follow and receive notification just as you do here, and never have to worry about searching the Internet.

Looking forward to seeing you, and here’s wishing you a splendid 2014!

berry cream pie
Photo courtesy Lisl Zlitni

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