Learning to Crawl

The computer is in!

Allow me to explain.

Some of you may have noticed a spot of slowdown on the blog lately. This is owing to my poor, sweet, wonderful, loyal but ailing Apple to require a trade in. And today I collected the new do. By tomorrow perhaps it shall be called my. We’re becoming acquainted. I’m delighted to report the keyboard weighs less than a comic book. It’s somewhat awe inspiring.

Unfortunately, shortly after the demise I also began to experience quite a bit of wrist and elbow pain, which I’ve had before and was always happily telling people–truthfully–that it wasn’t typing that caused it. I can still recall a sociology class in which we spent every minute writing down what the professor was saying, and I couldn’t keep up from the pain caused by writing. That led to my first laptop.

Now my wrist is enclosed in a somewhat horrible black cast type thingie, differentiated by the ability to remove it for showers and dish washing and so on. It’s a little awkward for typing, though taking it off too much leads to the inevitable, so now we’re at a point where we plod on at a slower pace, doing what we can as we go back to crawling for the time being. It requires an adjustment as I’m somewhat accustomed to moving more quickly than that, but this may just be the opportunity I’ve been looking for–that slow movement thing some readers may recall me spouting off about.

Well, really now, I do want a slower pace…and less stuff. Yes, I sort of threw that in there, refreshed as I am feeling from having in the past week or so been conducting a purge of the contents of my house, getting rid of more than I’ve ever done at one time. The link, though, is that for me, surroundings relate to state of mind, and if my state of mind is orderly, my pace can be smoother, which in turn leads to a sense of calm, that not needing, or not requiring as urgently, the sense of having to live life at breakneck speed.

My new best friend

Somewhat unrelated-but-related is a comment someone made to me a few weeks ago: “You’ll never have to scramble again.” He was referring to that frenetic shuffle some of us experience when trying to save files in a race against time, removing from our plate yet another chunk of urgent to do.

Ok, so. Tomorrow I shall look to update my sidebar and this weekend be aiming for a new review. I have plenty more to come, so stay tuned, but do bear with me as my typing has slowed. And remember, to some of you I live in the past–that is my time zone means you go to bed and I’m just eating lunch or something crazy like that.

Yes, I said it! I have gigantic pile of books for review, so if you are looking for something to read, you’ve come to the right place.

Next time, lovelies.

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