Journaling Life: Quarantine Caption Edition

So, the quarantine is full upon us and my table is a wreck. Looking back at the end of March, I recall the last weekend before we all had to stay inside: I’d gone thrifting and emerged with an amazing haul of stuff, which is lucky for me because in Alaska our craft stores don’t have curbside pickup; they’re now completely closed. And, of course, thrift stores – also shuttered. The jokes circulate about how when all this is over, craft-y types will be going thrifting (Starbucks who?) because at the present time everyone is cleaning out their houses while we’re stuck inside them.

My reason for doing this is partly to clear up (it is spring time after all), but also to go looking for some stuff I could use for crafting and that might inspire and propel me into new projects. I’ve loaded a few pics to show off a bit of my haul and also some items of my own I pulled to one side that just might have some potential. 🙂

Every household has these sorts of items, from the empty cereal boxes to old letters or postcard collections, plastic detritus to be saved from the landfill, or half-used ribbon someone just didn’t want anymore. Check out the Tube of You for some videos and/or tutorials: what people do with this stuff is truly astounding. My table is still a disaster, but it helps keep me busy and my mind off the long haul till we meet again.

This box and its matching bottles of beautifully-scented soaps seduced me, and I have plans for even the clear protective cover ~Threads, golden string and boa ribbon! ~ A gift bag with great potential: stripes or floral pattern, twisted-rope and eyelets can all adorn many a design page with endless possibilities.



An electronic play-around with the master board below…can you spot the differences?

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