Weird Wednesday, An Exploration of Our Quirky World: What *ARE* You Doing?

Good day! We are delighted to welcome you to “Weird Wednesday,” a joint series, partnered with our friends at Layered Pages, that explores the quirky side of our universe. Presently many people across the world cannot access this fabulous place, and even in the best of times we often pass so much by in our haste to get wherever it is we may be headed. So sit down, relax a bit and allow us to bring some of our explorations to you. Here you may find things funny, outrageous, marvelous, out of this world! Feel free to suggest topics and be sure to comment below and click to follow the blog. We’ll be having contests and lots of great content coming up, so be sure to stay tuned!

Ever catch yourself doing something slightly odd, maybe even weird, and keep it secret? Or maybe you knew it was odd and kept it under wraps from the beginning, knowing all the time it would make you look silly? What about some of the things children do, including teenagers? Do tell! Do you do them as well?

What if you were to find out many others did the same things? Would it surprise you to know that it’s often a little more than just “talking to herself,” for example? Could you believe that your co-worker, efficient and sensible, conducts interviews between himself and major news outlets? Maybe children do some funny things, like play themselves at chess, as a tactical maneuver not only to stave off boredom, but in the process also can teach themselves winning techniques. And adults? Do adults ever play pretend?

Below are some funny things people of all ages (yes, yours too!) do that they cover up, often unaware that millions of others do the same thing—and also hide! Some may have logical explanations, but still strike us as funny. Or maybe we do them openly, none in our party finding it odd until we hear a comedian joke about it or a song’s lyrics open us up to the vagaries of human behavior. Check which ones you do, and by all means comment and add to the list!

  • Driving through a neighborhood looking for an address, and you must turn the radio down or off.
  • Wearing headphones/airpods and pretend you’re a singer on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans
  • Eat something horrible at a restaurant, express in words how absolutely terrible it is, then say, “Try this! It’s awful!!”
  • Go through your own social media page after someone friend requests you, looking to see it “through their eyes”
  • Watch people around you and make up back stories about them
  • Pretend you are being interviewed and talk about yourself and answer questions you make up
  • Are shocked by an expensive price tag, but stay in the store, even carry the item around as if you’re going to get it, then make a show of putting it back and the reason why very clear (you’re in a rush to leave, you decided on something else for the gift you seek, etc.)
  • Chew on the inside of your cheek when your mouth is numb after a visit to the dentist
  • Try closing the refrigerator door as much as possible till the light goes off just to see how it looks in there when it’s dark
  • Pick up and move something from Point A to Point B with your foot, just to see if you can, or because you’re feeling too lazy to bend down
  • Have imaginary arguments in your head – with a friend who just slighted you, a famous political pundit, etc.
  • Put your feet up on the bed so the monster beneath won’t grab your ankles
  • Do something else while waiting for the microwave, secretly aiming to finish just in time to stop the micro with one second to spare
  • Position a large hair clip around your lips and leave it there for awhile
  • Insist on looking at your phone while lying in bed, even though you’re very tired, and it falls on your face


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