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I’m Lisl. I’ve swallowed bleach, driven the Alaska Highway twice, have encountered ghosts and finally figured out that I do dream in color. Fortunately all this did not occur in one day.

My first career ambition was (at age six) to become a spy, and shortly thereafter added poetry to my list of goals. I went on to write in this genre through high school and beyond; by this time spying had lost a bit of its appeal, though for writing purposes I utilized stealthy methods to observe people and activity all around. One of my best decisions ever was to enlist in the U.S. Navy and I’ll always value those years no matter how old I grow to be. I went on to earn an English degree and nowadays write on a variety of topics. Currently I’m hard at work on a book of poetry and another of short stories, and two series of essays re: motherhood and Richard III. My poetry has appeared in Alaska Women Speak and Bewildering Stories, and I am a contributor to Naming the Goddess.

On this blog I do book reviews and play around with a variety of other topics and interests, some of which fall under series I’ve launched, such as “Great Land History” and “Ordinary People”–and there are more to come. I’ve recently cleared a bunch of stuff off my plate in order to focus more specifically on select projects, edit books and articles and have time to read and blog more, so I’m really looking forward to all that.

Be sure to have a peek at my sidebar periodically as it changes to reflect the rotation of reads and reviews–previous, current and upcoming. I also keep a widget full of blogs I follow, so check it out when you swing by to see if I’ve added more. As of this writing, I’m beginning to import a number of entries from another location, so keep an eye out for those. The easiest way to do that is to follow the blog (click button at upper right on main page or tab at bottom right) and you’ll get a notification–just one, so you won’t be inundated–to let you know there’s something new for you to check out.

You can contact me at scully_dc AT yahoo DOT com; I can also be found at Goodreads.

Glad to have you here and look forward to reading your comments!


11 thoughts on “About and Contact

    1. Hi, Martha, we’ve spoken since you wrote, but I wanted to say a big thanks for stopping by. We’ll be seeing each other soon again! 🙂

  1. That was a great review! (“After The Sucker Punch,” by Lorraine Devon Wilke.) I’d rather write an entire book than review a book, (or write a synopsis, for that matter). Anyway, that’s it. Great review. I’m off to find out if I can get you to review my memoir, Loveyoubye.

    1. Hello! I know it’s ben awhile but I want to still respond here also for the sake of other readers. You already know, but for others~~I shall indeed be reading and reviewing _Loveyoubye_.

      Quick story, peeps: The day I received it in the mail I had to go to the tax office and so while waiting began to read—ended up reading five chapters in one go. Really looking forward to getting back to it!

      1. Oh and how rude of me! Thanks so much for your kind words about the review. 🙂 Feel free to drop by anytime 😀

  2. Hi Lisl, thanks so much for finding my humble blog and introducing yourself to me. I am having a good look around here as we “speak” and loved the whispers in the ears of eternity. I am sure your other posts will also captivate me. xxx

    1. Hello! I’m glad you made it over, and thanks for your kind words and taking the time to comment. 🙂 I have a feeling we’ll “see” each other more as I love to read your thoughts on what’s going on in the world and your space in it–it’s sort of like being included in a conversation. I’m glad you are liking what you’re seeing here, and hope you’ll comment more because I really love to learn what people are enjoying the most. Looking forward to more of your wonderful posts ~LIsl~

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