Exciting days ahead for before the second sleep

Posting has been necessarily paced for me thus far, though it has been picking up a wee bit. Lots of this has to do with other obligations, though often I am prepping or working on ideas for the blog. As you can see, so far I’ve covered a few random topics, plus book and music reviews, and I’ll continue to do this.

I am delighted to share a few of the upcoming features to be found in before the second sleep:

This weekend I’ll post my review for Nancy Jardine’s The Beltane Choice, a romantic adventure set in Celtic Britain. August saw the novel’s release in e-book version; today it comes out in paperback. Nancy and Crooked Cat celebrate with an online release party at Facebook. Do join the festivities and enter to win an autographed copy!

Next up is another entry with Sarah Bruce Kelly, this time with a review for her award-winning Vivaldi’s Muse, an account of Annina Girò, Antonio Vivaldi’s longtime protégée. The book is an expansion of her previous novel, The Red Priest’s Annina, detailing life in 18th-century Venetian opera.

I am also preparing for a re-read of We Speak No Treason, which I absolutely fell for the first time. I loved this book so much I decided to re-visit and share with my readers. I am also delighted to announce that the best-selling author of this Richard III novel, Rosemary Hawley Jarman, has so very graciously agreed to an interview, which will be featured when the review is published.

In coming weeks I will begin a series of posts regarding Nicholas Orme’s Medieval Children. I hesitate to label it an “analysis,” as such an undertaking is not in my purview. However, as an early childhood teacher, mother of a young boy and a Middle Ages aficionado, I am very keen to learn more about this phase of life as it occurred in medieval days, and plan to take a more deliberate, studied approach to reading the book–what might be called an “exploration.” Share the journey with me!

I’ve been re-visiting some older poetry of my own from school days, as well as topics of study in university. Why am I so very proud of my C in Communicating Math Ideas? Who knew statistics could be so much fun? What does Tagore write about the preservation of memories? Also: Is baking art or science? A favorite Persian dish, on learning to play the piano, children’s art, amateur photography and my favorite medieval game, Nine Man Morris.

These, dear friends, are just some of the topics you can read about in coming weeks, and I look forward to you joining us as we explore them and others.

For now I say goodnight with my current favorite silly phrase, one I repeat a lot with my son (cue dramatic voice):

When good llamas go bad…

Anybody know where that comes from?