Great Land Services: Editing, Transcription and More

In 2012 I began to write book reviews, mostly for those publishing within the indie community, and continue to do today. I’ve discovered such a wealth of storytelling, some amazing tales to be told that would likely never have enriched my life had I not taken that step those years ago.

Unfortunately, indie authors have a lot of hurdles to climb, including financial: for editing, publishing, marketing, travel, continuing sales and so on; the costs can be so daunting that some reluctantly choose to bypass the editing process, or do it themselves. Sometimes this works, but not always: many people aren’t great with that angle, but the tales they tell? – so brilliant they can change lives, for readers and authors alike. These stories really need to be out there amongst people: seen, read, savored.

I’m really pleased to be in a position now where I can offer my services to a variety of writers at affordable rates that can help them move forward without the extra burden or stress of worrying about the condition of an unedited manuscript, and get on with their world of creation.

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