Richard III


This page will have links to Richard III-related web pages, blogs, study guides, anything and everything to do with Richard.

As of today (2015-8-14), however, it is just getting going, so please bear with me as I get things listed. It will never be exhaustive, but I hope to get it to a spot where for people new to this monarch, it will be a valuable place to start.

If you are someone who hosts/runs/owns (etc.) a Richard-related page and would like me to list your link, please e-mail me at scully_dc AT yahoo DOT com and I shall see to it.

Please note: This is not an advertisement spot for buy-me links, but rather one location where people might find resources in order to further their knowledge and understanding of Richard Plantagenet, and hopefully these will lead to many more.


Book Review: We Speak No Treason by Rosemary Hawley Jarman

Book Review: The World of Richard III by Kristie Dean

Discovery of Richard III (University of Leicester)

I, Richard: Seeking the Haunts of the Living (Review of short story by Sandra Worth)

Matt’s History Blog

Michi’s Blog


Painting and Passion: Richard and Anne by Karen King

Richard III, by Turtle (Drawing)

RIII: Dynasty, Death and Discovery (Resources and useful links)

Richard III Society

A Very Brief Description of the Wars of the Roses by Wendy J. Dunn

Coming Upon the King: How I Came to be a Ricardian



Requiem (Legendary Ten Seconds)

Music Review: Richard III (Legendary Ten Seconds)

The Richard 3rd Projects


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