Bucket List Map of the World: Persepolis

Today’s entry opens up a new series for the blog, inspired by a book I received at work, a sort of welcome present, when I’d been there for six months. It’s called The Bucket List: 1,000 Adventures Big & Small and it was truly nice and a surprise. Periodically I flip through it and stop to look at many places even if I don’t have that destination as a goal, or if I know I’ll probably never make it there. Why? Because I like places, love to see them on maps and discover different things about them: traditional food, what they make or manufacture there, what that village, city or region might be known for, and so on.

So for these reasons (and probably others), this series doesn’t necessarily represent my bucket list, per se, hence the addition to its name as mapping out across the world: locales we might find worth learning even a little about, perhaps stumbling onto something, something people there do or make or care about, of value for ourselves. For instance, a very long time ago I read that before they embark on travel, Russians like to sit down for a few minutes in one spot. I no longer recall exactly the verbiage the document I’d read used to describe why they did this, or even in my own words why they maintained this tradition. For all I know it could even be an outdated one. Still, I remember liking it and adapting a bit to my own practice whereby I would contemplate life for just a few minutes and think about where I was headed: the physical place I traveled to as well as the road my choices and life were taking me down.

With that said, let us embark.

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