Book Review: Knight Assassin

Knight Assassin: The Second Book of Talon by James Boschert Upon initially encountering James Boschert’s titular character in the first installment of his Talon series, we find a likeable Frankish boy abducted from his Levantine home to Persia, where he remains for five years as his captors assimilate him to their ways. The nature of …

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Book Review: Assassins of Alamut

Assassins of Alamut: A Novel of Persia and Palestine in the Time of the Crusades The First Book of Talon by James Boschert Having previously penned novels about pirating in the turbulent North Sea shipping lanes (Force 12 in German Bight), and escaping the jungle theater of 1960s Malaysia (When the Jungle is Silent), author James Boschert’s …

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