950: 1066 Remembered, Guest Blog: “Senlac Ridge” (Ian David Churchward)

Today we are so grateful to host a guest blog, with re-print of lyrics from “Senlac Ridge,” by English folk singer Ian David Churchward and the Legendary Ten Seconds. The lyrics, reading like a poem, depict King Harold’s race to London following his victory against the Vikings at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. His army depleted, he now faces a terrible decision: allowing time to revive his army to fight the invading Normans would concede the continued pillage and raping of English villages on the coast. Or should they dispatch without delay to the Battle of Hastings, despite a weary army and reinforcements not yet arrived?

The Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066 at this location: the English position was on top of the hill where the abbey later stood, and the Normans approximately where the photographer is standing. (Image and caption courtesy Christopher Hilton via Wikimedia Commons) (click image)

Senlac Ridge

At Stamford Bridge King Harold

Took the Vikings by surprise

But shortly after victory

From the south bad news arrived

William had landed

To claim the English throne

He had the Pope’s blessing,

Men at arms and knights so bold

Harold raced back to London

His housecarls close behind

Receiving news of rape and pillage

In the English countryside

Harold was determined

Not to waste precious time

Though his army was depleted

He had courage, he had pride

From the woods the Saxons gathered

Out on Senlac Ridge

Though they were weary

They would not give an inch

Up the slope the Normans charged

The shield wall held firm

The Normans they fell back

William had them charge once more

The battle raged on all day

An arrow took out Harold’s eye

The shield wall was broken

Beneath the autumn skies

Yes, the battle raged on all day

An arrow took out Harold’s eye

The shield wall was broken

Beneath the autumn skies


“Harold the King was killed”: Section the Bayeux Tapestry illustrating the death of King Harold and the traditional legend that he was killed when hit in the eye by an arrow. (Wikimedia Commons) (Click image)

About Ian Churchward…

“Senlac Ridge” appears on the album Woeful Wonders & Stupendous Blunders. For more information, please click image.

The Legendary Ten Seconds was originally a solo music project of Ian Churchward who has played guitar in various bands after starting to play the guitar in 1979. Ian’s first band was called Chapter 29 and after this band split up in 1986 he started a new indie pop band called The Morrisons later that year. This band released a flexi disc, which was played on the John Peel show on BBC radio one in 1987. From the late 1990’s until about 2007 Ian also played in a ceilidh band called Storm Force Ten which then became a new band called Phoenix.

A bit about “Senlac Ridge” appears in Churchward’s Songs About Richard III: A Richard III Music Project. (Click image)

You can learn more about Ian Churchward and the Legendary Ten Seconds and their music at FacebookCD Baby, a blog dedicated to The Richard 3rd Projects and Twitter.

For a promotional video of Songs About Richard III, click here.


Click here to see my review of the Legendary Ten Seconds’ album Richard III.


Lyrics re-print courtesy Ian David Churchward.


This post was updated to include a correction re: the promotional video.


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